How to pay for your car on BeForward with Bitcoin bought from Golix using local currency

The financial situation in Zimbabwe, characterised by foreign currency shortages has made it difficult to make payments outside the country, just like several other African countries. This makes any sort of importing a bit of a nightmare especially if you do not have any access whatsoever to foreign currency. The good news though is that Bitcoin, the […]

BitFinance has just changed its name to Golix

In a move to complete it’s transition from being ‘just a bitcoin company’, to being ‘a digital currency company’, Harare based digital currency company, BitFinance today announced that it’s changing the name of it’s company to Golix with immediate effect. “To us, it’s clear that in the future, bitcoin will not be the only digital currency that succeeds,” said […]

How we are helping our customers buy cars from BeForward

Because of the current financial situation in Zimbabwe it’s increasing getting difficult to make payments outside Zimbabwe. Bitcoin is an obvious solution however: It’s still takes time for people new to bitcoin to learn what bitcoin is, how it works and how to use it. You can only buy bitcoin from a bitcoin exchange. Learning […]

Technical Update #1: BitcoinFundi Beta is up

We’re proud to announce that last night we deployed BitcoinFundi Beta and between now and September, we’re going to be giving people access to it. If you have already signed up and would like to get access to BitcoinFundi Beta, then you should activate your account first. It’s important to point out that those who […]

Why we chose to secure our hot wallet with BitGo

Background I vividly remember my first experience as a Bitcoin Evangelist. I tried to explain what Bitcoin was to someone who had only just heard about Bitcoin from the mainstream media and she just couldn’t get it. She asked me how i could say that Bitcoin was secure when it had just been hacked and […]