In a move to complete it’s transition from being ‘just a bitcoin company’, to being ‘a digital currency company’, Harare based digital currency company, BitFinance today announced that it’s changing the name of it’s company to Golix with immediate effect.

“To us, it’s clear that in the future, bitcoin will not be the only digital currency that succeeds,”

said Tawanda Kembo, the Golix CEO.

“A few months ago, we started investing in digital currencies that are not bitcoin. It’s working so well that we have decided to double down.”

BitFinance was started in December 2014 to make it super easy for Zimbabweans to use bitcoin. In 2009, Zimbabwe faced the worst hyperinflation the world has ever seen.

Inflation was so bad that the country abandoned the Zimbabwean dollar and started using the US dollar in 2009.

Since adopting the US dollar in 2009, the country has had serious forex shortages and capital controls that have made it impossible for most people to make international and online payments.

For the few that could still do, international payments have been very painful, time-lengthy and/or expensive. Many Zimbabweans have been resorting to digital currencies such as bitcoin to get financial autonomy.

About Golix

Golix is on a mission to give everyone financial autonomy. The Golix founders started the company because they felt that the process of making an international payment from Zimbabwe was impossible for most people, and very painful for the few that could. They solve this problem using digital currencies like bitcoin, Litecoin and Dash.