Because of the current financial situation in Zimbabwe it’s increasing getting difficult to make payments outside Zimbabwe. Bitcoin is an obvious solution however:

For the reasons listed above; And because we are the bitcoin experts, going forward we shall make the payments on behalf of people who want to buy cars on BeForward so that the customers don’t have to worry about finding bitcoin themselves or learning how to use it.

How it works

What else you should know

We charge a 15% because the price of bitcoin in Zimbabwe is usually 10% to 15% higher than it is in Japan. This different is reflective of the high demand for bitcoin in Zimbabwe. We’ve also got a blog post on why the price of bitcoin is around 10% higher in Zimbabwe than it is in Japan. The bitcoin is bought on a free market and it usually takes longer to get bitcoin at a 10% premium and it takes a shorter time to get it at a 15% premium. We’ll be buying bitcoin for you at the best price on the market to get them as soon as we can.

To get a discount

To get a discount when you buy a car from BeForward, enter the following BF Support ID when you fill in the order form: 241202