We’re proud to announce that last night we deployed BitcoinFundi Beta and between now and September, we’re going to be giving people access to it. If you have already signed up and would like to get access to BitcoinFundi Beta, then you should activate your account first.

It’s important to point out that those who are activating their accounts now are early adopters. They will be among the very first people outside our organisation to get access to the Exchange. The challenge of being an early adopter of course is that you’re likely to come across some bugs. But don’t worry, this will not be anything serious enough to kill your cat, or burn your house.

Being an early adopter also means that you will have a strong voice and influence in what future versions of BitcoinFundi will be like. The potential use cases for BitcoinFundi range from remittances and reverse remittances to day trading and arbitrage and we want to learn about what you’re more interested in and how we can make BitcoinFundi more useful for you so please reply to this email to share your opnions and ideas.

What we have been working on in the last 6 months

Today we get back to working towards the our next milestone — next version of BitcoinFundi. We’re calling it BitcoinFundi RC1.

About Golix

Golix is an exchange but we are different. Our customers use our platform for remittances to and international payments from Africa.